A day in the life

My cardio session today went well. I had been distancing because of a new flurry of COVID running rampant. I, amusingly, still find it easy to fall for the marginally increased results as something that I can reward myself with, like it eating two slices of bread instead of one for dinner.

I’ve been watching a few videos of Josh Strife Hayes lately and, though I’m not a big fan of MMO’s, I find his material to be quite entertaining.

I read through two articles of Friday Facts from the Factorio blog. But, I’m going to restrain myself from further reading because I am going to want to experience Factorio 2.0 and the future expansion without knowing much about it.

Watched a few clips from Coffeezilla and Louis Rossmann. Can recommend them both, they’re very skilled. Be aware Louis content has a stronger political undertone, just letting you know.

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