A day in the life

I mapped a setup at work that I’ve seen as a bit messy since I started my employment back in February. It is a little clearer now.

I managed to get catprinter to run on Raspi 2 W. I enjoyed that even if it’s just a silly little gadget. A bit unfortunate that all the prints end up very faded. No matter, nice to get it up and running. I’ll get back to it to see if there’s something irreversible wrong with it.

Cardio exercise for the 4th time this week. Feels good.

Watched The Square and Triangle of Sadness by Ruben Östlund. What movies. Both end up in the union “Movies so special that you mention/recommend them but don’t talk/expand about them.”

Italian pizza for dinner. Sun dried cherry tomatoes: +. Parsley instead of basil: -.

Huel for the 8th, 9th time. You are hungry. And gassy. But in combination with exercise, I think it’s just about worth it.

Contemplating if I would write this journal on the blog. It could be it’s own tab/side/category separating from the technology posts.

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