A day in the life

Breakfast at Vital Foods in Copenhagen. Tasty sandwiches, can highly recommend.

I tried seven different champagnes at the Champagne cellar. Chardonnay aged in oak barrels and Rosè are absolute favorites.

Went to Halifax in Copenhagen. I tried a Zürich with a hash brown top. Peculiar, but not super special. I’ll try something a little spicier or more unique next time.

Watched PJ Harvey. She has a director now and it was noticeable. More than half the show was like an art installation rather than a concert. I don’t know what to think. It was certainly different. When they played more of their older material, the audience came to life. Overall good show. But I get a little frustrated that even when standing at the front of the riot fence getting pushed around still happens, but sideways instead. On a PJ HARVEY concert!
The IPA beer at the venue sucked. But, it meant that I didn’t consume it at my regular pace, and instead sipped on it for the entire show (1 hour and 45 minutes).

I got a migraine on the way home. Blind spots and rainbow aura with kaleidoscope flashes. Not too intense headache this time, but I didn’t get rid of dull pain in my head and neck. I took two Panodil Zapp to try to counter the headache. Maybe it worked. It is hard to say because it was only the first time.

Slept for nine hours. Apparently it was winter time conversion tonight, hence I got an extra hour more sleep than usual.

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