A day in the life

Went to the eye clinic today. Got a bit mixed results from the examination. On one end I might have beginning glaucoma, on another it _seems like_ I have had a small bleeding and that’s produced a small tear/tugging/pressure on the retina. I’m going back in ten days for a follow up.

Continued mapping out a sequence diagram of a service/component setup. The documentation of this has been low effort, and it results in increased confusion. It’s been a bit refreshing to make a graph, it was a long time since.

I inspired the creation of an AW chat room to encourage activities such as board gaming, movie nights, or whatever. Will try and take the opportunity to find a date for board gaming night as soon as possible.

Talked to the psychiatrist today. She dug in to the possibility that I fear being alone, based on my stance that I’m aiming to please and agree to do things, even if it means high levels of anxiety for me. We’re going to keep exploring this during the next session.

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