A day in the life

Managed to complete my mapping activity at work. It ended up at two sequence diagrams and one flowchart. I first created them in a dockerised draw.io, and migrated them to GitLab MarkDown with Mermaid.js. Pretty decent results overall, hopefully they provide adequate insights when needed.

Added the “No holds board” YouTube playlist to my Rss-to-Mastodon-scraperbot. It’s decently easy to add or remove feeds, which I’m appreciative of. It _is_ a bit unfortunate that everything is running on a timer every hour, but hopefully that isn’t considered bad enough behaviour to block me. I’m considering making a more “rolling schedule”-like adaptation to avoid angering the dragon.

Couldn’t work out how to installed a smart switch to make 2 way switching work properly. Struggled with trying to understand why the installation I have doesn’t work, how to make it work and what’s needed without having to rewire things. Shit is hard, yo.

I finally managed to find hoodies with zippers in the local H&M store that fit me (s). This was an extra win because I had a chance to try them on before buying, which wouldn’t have been possible if I had ordered them online.

I’ve started to get more comfortable with my WordPress+Mastodon setup. I always felt it cumbersome to sign up for a bunch of API keys, installing a hoard of WordPress plugins and keep that maintained. With WordPress as my editor and publishing platform in combination with ActivityPub I _feel_ like I get both worlds in a neat package.

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