A day in the life

Did decent at work, managed to stamp out at least a few issues in quick succession. I found joy in error message handling/return as it was earlier bespoke and I have initiated turning it into proper HTTP status codes and messages.

Replaced two wall switches at home so that I have more control over their behaviour. Home Assistant + Nabu Casa Sky Connect is a very smooth experience. However, Zigbee devices have proven to be a bit frustrating. They disconnect more often than I’d like and especially motion sensors are very unreliable; they disconnect often and won’t reliably detect motion or send detections to the server. I however _love_ the SONOFF ZBMINIL2. It’s fits anywhere and as long as you don’t have 2-way, no neutral requirements, they are very reliably doing their job.

Played Baldur’s Gate 3 for a couple of hours. The game is a bit opaque when it comes to what’s next or what’s possible and frustratingly non-efficient in terms of character/equipment fitting, inventory management and mapping. But it looks really nice and acts like Baldur’s Gate of yore. I’ll keep at it.

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